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Luxury can be something of a subjective thing. What seems luxurious to one person may seem substandard at best to another. But there is a level of luxury that’s so refined, so beautiful, and so impressive that it’s unmistakable. The Platinum Elite line of spas from Artesian are the embodiment of that level of luxury. Every aspect of these spas is designed to provide you with the ultimate therapeutic spa experience. Simply stated, no other spa in the market can measure up to the quality, features, and beauty of a Platinum Elite spa from Artesian. 


Artesian’s Platinum Elite spas are indeed beautiful. But our spas are far more than just aesthetically pleasing. Behind the graceful lines and pampering surfaces lies the most powerful, sophisticated system ever devised for moving and controlling the ow of water in a spa. This personalised water control system is what truly sets this Artesian spa line apart. The Platinum Elite spa moves more water volume through jets - with much greater power and less resistance than any other spa in the industry. Simply stated, you will not find a better performing, more therapeutic spa anywhere. 


When designing our spas we don’t use the latest 3D modelling software - in fact, we don’t even use a mouse. We use blunt instruments such as chisels, sand blocks, files and putty knives. Indeed, we take pride in just how primitive our design process is. We create our moulds the old fashioned way - we sculpt them by hand. The creation of the beautiful, organic curves that grace our spas is far more art than science, and the intimate human contact with our process ensures that our great designs are built perfectly for the human form. 


There are few sounds more universally soothing than that of running water. It speaks to the most elemental part of ourselves. It soothes us, calms us, and restores us. With that truth in mind, we designed each Platinum Elite spa with a beautiful Satin Water Feature which surrounds you with the soothing sights and sounds of gently falling water. The 9" Waterfall is infused with multicolour LED lights and powered by the 24-hour circulation pump to provide a constant source of visual and auditory tranquillity. Each Platinum Elite spa also includes one or two Pillowfall Water Features - also enhanced by LED lighting - which allow users to experience a calming cascade of water over neck and shoulders. 


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